About Us

Because I AM Energy...

Long Arms at the PECThat was the conclusion reached in the book I Am My Body, NOT!, which was written by Adam Abraham and illustrated by Maria Litster (1953-2009), in 2000. 

To put it more succinctly, we are energy fields, that make up and interpenetrate everything that we see, but includes aspects that, for most people, are unseen. And yet, those unseen aspects have a very large and important influence on the visible ones. 

The Photonic Energy Center emerges as a way to demonstrate, facilitate, and confirm the benefits of nurturing and nourishing the human energy field, which is often put under stress, and in a state of dis-coherence, during the course of a normal day in our modern times. When the discordance eventually appears in metabolic disorders and pathologies, the field is assaulted once again with a myriad of technological approaches.

We're on the second floor.

Technology, unto itself, is not at fault. Human thinking can claim that prize. It simply, and generally either goes too far, or it doesn't go far enough to help on the levels that are needed.

The Photonic Energy Center employs a number of technologies to help improve the harmonics and coherence of our clients' energy fields. Every human being and living creature has one. We don't treat "diseases," but all such states can be demonstrated to be in energetic turmoil. As such, an improvement in coherence tends to enhance well-being in both measurable and immeasurable ways.

Adam Abraham has more to say about the Photonic Energy Center in the following video.