Our Technology


We are one of the fi rst locations in the world to make the revolutionary PHOTON GENIUS available on a session basis to the public, and the only one with an Energy Wall. A standard 30-minute session in the Photon Genius, with its array of frequency transmissions, plasma-generated color energies, and fullspectrum, zone-tunable infrared energy, exercises the energy matrix to safely raise body temperature without taking your energy. You will experience this private, non-invasive activity as heat, and sweat, but the body is empowered to release toxicity, which pays dividends in health and well-being in more ways than we can say. 

A diamond is just coal that withstood life's pressures.


The term "coherence" ususally describes the behavior of light waves; the more uniform the amplitude and wavelength, the more coherent the light. Another quality of coherence concentration, focus, or density of light waves. In coherence is the ability to transform light from a source of illumination, to a tool that is useful for everything from pointing, to drilling holes through steel. Besides the incandescent and laser light, another metaphor for coherence is the chunk of coal and a diamond. Made out of the same material, coherent describes the transformed state that any piece of coal can become. In matters of human health, coherence goes hand-in-hand with the term that virtually defines the healthy state; that is, homeostasis, which means balance. What many may not know is that a source of coherent energy can influence a discordant energy field to become more ordered. And in so doing, improve the state of health. 


The dance between coherence and incoherence is constant and never-ending. As such, it stands not as an ideal, but a relationship that we should better appreciate, understand, and embrace. Your visit to the Photonic Energy Center will benefit parts of you that are rarely seen or considered, but are all part of the great informational, communications, and energetic whole that is you.